Membership in SPGC is your connection to a network of local sustainability professionals who are working hard like you to make Chattanooga a better place.  With your membership, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Targeted Resources in Members Only Page
  • Meaningful Networking Opportunities
  • Community Building
  • Targeted Workshops
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Field Trips
  • Discount on Greenlight Program


Often, only one person is tasked within an organization to lead green efforts, so having a sense of professional community and common purpose is critical.

getting it done

getting it done

SPGC is an experienced professional's sounding board and support group; it's the hand-up for the employee working double time to create green programs.  We provide the resources and fellowship you'll need to get off the ground or take your programs to the next level.

Advocates for the profession

Advocates for the profession

By formalizing into an official professional organization, SPGC is making the statement that sustainability is worth the talent investment and that green careers in the Chattanooga area are here to stay.



We encourage members to attend as many events as they can, but SPGC asks that members commit to attending at least one event per quarter.

Members should have good standing in the field of sustainability and have experience in a recognized area relating to protecting, preserving, promoting, or improving our environment.

Members should also adhere to the following professional code of conduct:

  • May not give out contact information of members to any person or organization without member consent.
  • May not use meeting to inappropriately promote products, services, or events.  All request for promotion should be sent to
  • May not discuss member or organization-specific challenges or issues outside Members-Only Roundtable Breakfast sessions.