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Membership is extended to anyone who has sustainability as part of their professional roles and responsibilities.  This may entail folks who ensure that their company, non-profit, or government agency is meeting measurable goals, maintaining third party certifications, and engaging employees in sustainability programs. Their work is often wide and varied, and often they may be the only person or one of just a few employees dedicated to these emerging and quickly changing practices.  This may also entail product vendors or service providers who make sure that organizations have the tools they need to make their work environments sustainable. These members are an important piece of any sustainability market transformation, providing the services needed to make sustainability mainstream.


Round Table: Monthly meeting in which professionals working on challenges like yours will share their experiences. This network will ensure that you have the support and resources you need to build your sustainability programs, taking your company to the next level of green practices. These meetings occur the last Friday of each month at 8:30 AM. A light breakfast is provided at no charge.

Resource Library: access to a variety of helpful guides, how-tos, policy and program templates, and accreditation and certification materials.

Field Trips: Field trips will be scheduled throughout the year and will provide insight into an area of organizational sustainability.

On-Going Education: help for understanding individual sustainability accreditations such as LEED AP, ISSP, Green Associate, Certified Carbon Professional, etc.

After submitting the form below, the SPGC leadership team will review your application.  You will receive notification of membership within 30 days of submission.  Once the leadership team approves the application, you will be sent information on how to pay the membership fee.

For those applicants who are denied membership, feedback on your application will be provided.  Also, the group will have several events throughout the year open to the public, so please be sure to check out the events page.

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